What People Are Saying

Personal Coaching

“Wendy Maragh Taylor is an amazing and insightful coach.  I felt stuck in my current job and needed some career coaching to get out of a rut. Wendy helped me clarify my goals and shed light on the issues that were getting in my way.  She helped me be proactive in my pursuit of a new job and helped me re-engage with my personal and professional network. She gave me “homework” assignments to work on between sessions, and encouraged me to do some journaling to help uncover some of the underlying obstacles that were keeping me from my goals.   Most importantly, Wendy shared different perspectives on my career situation, which gave me confidence in my pursuit and relieved the nagging frustration of not getting the immediate results I wanted.  Her approach is comfortable and conversational and there is gentle discovery along the way.  Wendy brings a holistic and spiritual approach to her counseling.  She is results-driven and works within a realistic time frame.  It was a pleasure to work with Wendy Maragh Taylor and I would strongly recommend her to others who need some coaching through a tough patch in their lives. ”
– Kim B, Dutchess County


New York City Department of Education (DOE)

“Wendy has provided a wide range of Professional Development workshops, ranging from Stress Management, Crisis, Fostering Success in the Workplace, for our Network and school based staff.  Her trainings have helped staff to: appreciate the significance of self care, refocus on goals and work more effectively as a cross-functional team, prioritize daily tasks in relationship to larger professional goals, better navigate emotions in the work place… .”

– Sharon Prince-Yearwood, Deputy Network Leader


Beacon High School

“Wendy’s address to our new NHS members was heartfelt and useful to them.  I heard so many wonderful comments about her.  She is such a dynamic speaker and we were so lucky to have her.”

– Janet Gaspar, National Honor Society Co-Adviser


Poughkeepsie Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

“Wendy Maragh Taylor got the Personal and Professional Development Group started on the right footing for the new year 2011.  Much of her talk was a reminder of ways in which we as women need to set aside time for personal development and create a space for growth in our lives.  The delivery was professional and non judgmental and the stories effectively engaged us in the insightful discoveries and critical evaluations of our lives.  I can honestly say that the women seem to have all had epiphanic experiences.”

Jacqueline Goffe-McNish, Women’s Personal and Professional Development Co-Chair


Arlington High School

“I participated in a 10-week workshop on diversity created and facilitated by Wendy Maragh Taylor.  Without exaggeration, it was a life-changing experience. Wendy leads by example and I tried to model my classroom after the warm, accepting atmosphere in her workshop.  I used the same activities, under the guidance of Wendy, to facilitate similar discussions in my classroom. I came away from the workshop not just a better teacher, but a better person with a greater understanding of how my own background influences the way I interact and judge others.  It was one of the few workshops I have attended where participants clamored for a ‘part II’.”

Sarah Stern, High School Teacher


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