Books – This Part Of The Sky

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At just over 150 pages, “This Part Of The Sky” is a quick read and hopefully one that you will enjoy. Perhaps you have family, friends or colleagues who might appreciate it as well. Bless someone with it as a gift or just feel free to pass the link along. Remember, a percentage of the proceeds will go to the next phase of the Liberia, West Africa Project – plans to build a separate school and playground.

Here’s what some people are saying:

“This Part Of The Sky is proof positive of Margaret Mead’s adage, ‘Never doubt  that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ The simplicity of the message  defined by Maragh Taylor will provide the roadmap to fulfilling your personal  legacy.” —Kathleen Durham, Executive Director, The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership  Center at Val-Kill

“We are honored. It is too fine. The whole town will read this book.” — Dennis  Tarbo, Elder in Zorzor, Liberia

“Wendy Maragh Taylor with her husband,  Joseph, traveled to Liberia, West Africa with the plan of building a church and  school. This story is both a cultural journey into an area rarely seen by  western eyes and an affirmation that despite our differences, we have much in  common. And by climbing out of her comfort zone, Wendy, with her charming  descriptions of her misadventures, learns a lot about herself. With an ending  like no other, Wendy makes a call to action that is hard to ignore. May we all  be inspired by This Part Of The Sky.” — MJ Hanley-Goff, writer, editor, Hudson  Valley Parent | Hudson Valley Life; and author of the upcoming How Writing Can  Get You Through Hard Times and Joyous Ones


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