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Dear Friends,
I have decided to end this blog in the next couple weeks.

I first began this endeavor because I was invited to blog for a magazine, and I wanted to practice a bit in the months before I was to begin. Though it’s been quite a fun learning experience, the time has come to move on.

This is in part because of personal reasons: I am not finding the time to post as often as I think it takes to really develop this blog; other priorities are taking up my time. As well, there are professional reasons: among them, some of the pieces I’ve posted have garnered interest among journals, magazines and the like. What I’ve learned is that those pieces are not eligible for the many on-line and print magazines that do not accept previously published writing; by virtue of being posted on this blog, they are considered already published. Finally, I have a few other projects in the works. So, rather than spread myself thin, it’s time to let some things go. That too has been a life lesson for me during this season of my life.

Thank you for your time, attention and interest. I appreciate your feedback directly to me and your comments on the posts – glad you were entertained and inspired. If you are interested in keeping up with me or knowing about my other projects as they develop, like my FB page
http://www.facebook.com/wmaraghtaylor. Also, stay tuned for an announcement about a website I’m constructing.

Until the next time, in some other venue, be well: WMT